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Latin Dance - Ballroom Dance - Salsa Lessons in Dallas

Dance lessons are an excellent way to relieve stress, meet new friends, and achieve (and maintain) fitness goals. We can help you reach your goal of becoming a good social or competitive dancer. We specialize in ballroom and (club) style dance lessons, which include Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, cha cha cha , East coast swing, Paso doble, West coast swing, Bachata (with tango) modern, urban style, Dominican, Salsa (Los Angeles style), Afro Cuban, mambo, dancing IN CLAVE 2/3,3/2, Merengue , Cumbia and Country.

Popular Latin Dances

Salsa: LA style salsa is influenced by the mambo, swing, tango and latin ballroom dancing. The lifts and aerial works of modern salsa shows come mostly from LA styled salsa fused with latin ballroom and ballet lifts.

Bachata: The bachata dance originates from the Dominican Republic. It’s danced in a full eight count moving in a square. Modern bachata dance is in a simple pattern with added dance elements with a side-to-side motion.

Cha Cha: The cha cha is a lively, flirtatious latin-american dance originating from Cuba.

Group Lessons

We offer a variety of classes designed for everyone from absolute beginners to advanced students who are looking to learn new steps and add styling. Group dance classes are a fun and easy way to build confidence and also a great way to get the wedding party together before the wedding. Come by yourself, with a partner or with a friend. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.


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Private Lessons

Private lessons provide the quickest, customized way to learn how to dance. You are afforded the opportunity to work one on one with your instructor. You will receive individual attention to learn how to dance solo and move together with another person. Private lessons help you learn the intricacies of proper footwork, how to lead or follow, timing, and rhythm. We highly recommend a combination of group and private lessons.

New student private lesson range from $88 to $120 per 45 min or hour with a minimum four (4) hour cancellation policy. All sales are final. 

Contact Us so that we can put together a custom program that meets your schedule and budget.

​Available seven (7) days a week between the hours of 8:00 am - 11:00 pm




Learn To Dance




14833 Inwood  Rd. #600

Addison, TX  75001  


- Barbara's dance studio


428 W. Bedford Euless Rd. Hurst,TX


(You can also be accomodated at your own location or residence for group or private lessons)

David Herrera

" As seen on Spanish and American TV " 

" Has produced advanced level competitive students " 

" Bridged the gap between the ballroom and salsa dance communities in dfw over 15 years ago "

" The original and first to teach world famous Los Angeles style salsa  in dfw for  over 15 years  " 

" Hosting some of the best and longest running latin events and dance classes in dfw for years " 

" First to teach bachatango in dfw  " 

" First to extend hours at events in dfw till 3am  " 

" First to have late food at events in dfw after 2am " 



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